Stadium MustardCleveland’s Authentic STADIUM MUSTARD Comes Out of the Cupboard!

No longer just a regional favorite, STADIUM MUSTARD is now available anywhere in the universe… and we ain’t kidding!

Served and enjoyed at Cleveland Stadium and many other venues for decades, this mustard now also has the honor of being requested on three space shuttle missions.

When you open a jar of STADIUM MUSTARD, you may not hear the crack of the bat or the roar of the shuttle, but you will have shared with me and now millions of fans this unique, high quality mustard that is now truly out of this world!

~ David Dwoskin, President, Davis Food Co.

Order a case today, and spread your favorite STADIUM MUSTARD all over town!

BYOBSM!  Don’t forget to Bring Your Own Bottle of STADIUM MUSTARD with you to all the ball games!

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Be ready for baseball’s Opening Day!


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