STADIUM MUSTARD is Out of This World…

Favorite With Astronauts!

Astronaut Don Thomas enjoying Stadium Mustard in space.We knew our Stadium Mustard was a hit with fans all over the planet, but now we can say without qualification that our Stadium Mustard is truly out of this world!

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) requested special packaging of Stadium Mustard on not one, not two, but THREE Space Shuttle flights!

Two of these missions had NASA Mission Specialist Don Thomas (native of Ohio) on board.  (This photo shows him in orbit enjoying Stadium Mustard, especially packaged for use in zero gravity).  He was the first astronaut to request Stadium Mustard.  When he came back down to Earth, he flew (in a regular jet) to Cleveland and presented us with souvenirs from the shuttle expedition, including an unused mustard packet that accompanied him on his DISCOVERY mission.

Stadium Mustard flew along with Don Thomas aboard the Space Shuttle DISCOVERY, July 13-22, 1995 and on the Space Shuttle COLUMBIA, April 4-8, 1997.

That means that Don Thomas and Stadium Mustard completed together on these two missions a total of 205 orbits of the Earth, traveling 5.2 million miles in outer space!


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