Our fans love our mustard so much that we constantly receive mail, asking how to purchase this truly wonderful mustard!

Here’s a sampling of some Stadium Mustard Fan Mail…

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“My buddy Marty from college drove in this weekend from Cleveland and the first thing he handed me was a bottle of Stadium Mustard. I have not seen him in five years, which brought back memories of when his mother would send us Stadium Mustard and pretzels while in college. We would sit around our room drink beer and eat pretzels with Stadium Mustard. Life was a lot easier then.”

~Mike B

“I have a new addition to my family and a Stadium Mustard onesie would be great to show my Cleveland pride. I am Active Duty in the Air Force station at Dyess AFB, Texas. So anything that I can get my hands on from Cleveland I do. Since I have been down here I have always had a supply of Stadium Mustard. I always have
Family send me some when I am getting low. The reason I went to your
Website is because I had just received 2 new bottles in the mail
Yesterday and I read the Website on the back. I love this stuff it is
Absolutely wonderful, and it being from Cleveland just makes it taste
that much better. Thanks”

~ Brian J

“I was born at the Cleveland Clinic, lived in Strongsville, and will
always be a Clevelander at heart, despite the fact that I have lived
in Hollywood, CA. for over 13 years now. I spent many Browns games
in the heat, and Lake-effect-cold and a dog with Stadium Mustard was
one thing you could always count on even if the Browns didn’t win.
When I moved to California I thought I’d never see Stadium Mustard
again, but lo and behold, it appeared in a record store I
frequented. Now that record store is gone, and at the moment, this
website is my only salvation. I have gushed to my friends that this is THE BEST mustard
ANYWHERE. They thought me mad. But one year, I bought a crate of it
and gave it out as stocking stuffers at Christmas. Then they all
asked when I was gonna get more! They have all jumped on the
bandwagon and LOVE Stadium Mustard! In fact, I JUST ordered another box.
I consider it my duty to enlighten as many people as possible to the
joy that is Stadium Mustard. For me, no other mustard will do.

Thanks for the best of the best!”

~ Neil T. W

“Simply the Caviar of Mustards. Stadium Mustard gives franks a whole new meaning. I find myself CRAVING Stadium Mustard!”

~R.F.,New York

“As an avid rock fan, I ate at Alice Cooperstown in Cleveland on May 27th. I saw the bottle of Stadium Mustard , Tried it, and never want to eat another brand of Mustard again.”

~ J.L.,PA


Stadium Mustard on a dog is a childhood Flavor -Memory par with the oreo cookie dipped in ice cold milk…Nothing else Compares!!

~ K.M.,Orlando

“Some time ago I was given a gift of your Stadium Mustard.  It was a 16 ounce squeeze bottle, which I quickly became addicted to (and still keep as a collectible).  I was putting it on everything from celery sticks to raw whole mushrooms.  As time has it, my 16 ounce bottle quickly was empty.  For a single guy who hates cooking, Stadium Mustard is my cure-all for healthy eating!!  I even phoned a friend who owns a restaurant and told him if I ever get ahold of this mustard again, he’s the first to get the most unique tasting mustard around.  If this letter sounds somewhat mushy, well it should.  Never has a single bachelor became so attached to a condiment such as mustard, but not just any mustard, before.  Your Original Stadium Mustard takes the cake… and the celery and the mushrooms.”

~ T. H., Wisconsin

“I am a transplant from Cleveland, grew up around west 73rd and Franklin.  The military brought me out here in 1978 and I have grown roots here.  The only thing I really miss out here in the Seattle area is a good old fashioned Hot dog (with casing) and Stadium Mustard, the Davis way. On one of my trips back to Cleveland, I found it in the grocery store. I took several bottles with me back to Seattle.  Since then I have had a friend of mine send it to me on a regular basis.  I will indeed order a case or two now that I know this web page is here. Keep up the great work.  I have noticed all people around this area from anywhere back east have a real yearn for the good old brown mustard – Stadium Mustard – from Cleveland.  Your mustard is a taste of the ‘Back East Flavor’ us Ohio transplants crave.”

~ B. J., Washington

“I am so happy to find Stadium Mustard online!!!!!! I am a native Clevelander transplanted to Miami, Florida.  My sister sends me your mustard by the caseload! : )  So glad to see I can order T-shirts and stuff too! : )  Will be ordering one for my husband who loves your mustard too!  Thanks!”

~ C. Z., Florida

“Thanks again for shipping the two cases of Stadium Mustard to me.  The guests at my Fiesta de Beisbol ate it up.  Keep up the good work!”

~ M. M., Minnesota

“By the way, the case I ordered is going fast.  As you might remember, our next door neighbor (originally from Cleveland) brought us back a jar for watching their home.  So when we got a case, we gave them 4 jars for fertilizing our lawn.  But our married daughters wanted some, and I’ve been eating up a storm.  I’ll bet that I order another case by the Fall. It’s the best.  We have used other mustards, but the Stadium Mustard is the best! Thanks!”

~ B. K., FL

“I just ran a search to find out where I can find your mustard, and found your website.  I live in Clarion County in Western Pennsylvania, and used to buy it at a market in Clarion.  The market has been torn down, and a new one has been built on the spot, but THEY DON’T CARRY STADIUM MUSTARD!  Can you tell me if anyone else in my area carries it? I see I can buy it by the case from you… and if I have to do that, I will.  Everybody thinks I’m nuts, but it’s really the only mustard I like.  Thanks!”

~ Jerry in PA

(When fans ask, we try to find out where they can find it.  We also suggest that you ask your grocer to carry Stadium Mustard ! )

“My husband and I are from Ohio, we love your mustard and have our parents send it to us on a regular basis.  We are happy to know we can now order direct.  We are starting a Browns Backers Club in Charleston, SC and the co-owner of the bar we will be meeting at is also an avid Browns fan.  We would like to order some Stadium Mustard for the start of the season, and I was wondering if you have any larger bottles for sale, like those at the stadium?  We will be 50-75 strong each Sunday and 9 oz. bottles will not last long and also may not stay in the bar if you know what I mean!!  If you could please e-mail me and let me know if larger bottles are available and the price I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you in advance!”

~ Terri, Charleston

(Your favorite restaurant, bar, grocery, and arena can all order Stadium Mustard wholesale. Please print out the wholesale ordering information on the website for their convenience!)

“I found your site from a friend.  He’s out in CA, and grew up in Cleveland.  I sent him a gallon jug I bought from a few years ago, because he couldn’t find it anywhere.  But now he’s going to order a case!”

~ B. S., Ohio

“Tried to locate Stadium Mustard in Pennsylvania where we have always gotten it when visiting, or our daughter shipped it to us.  The grocery store we were getting it from said that they discontinued it.  So now we need to find a new place to purchase it.  We just typed and up it came.  It’s so easy to find what you are looking for on the net (sometimes).   Thanks for adding me to your mailing list.”

~ Leo

(If you learn that your grocer no longer carries Stadium Mustard, it may be that they are not stocking the 16 ounce jar.  Let them know about our new 9 ounce squeeze jar, and ask that they begin keeping it in stock!)

“I lived in Alliance, OH most of my life and have always loved Stadium Mustard.  I have seen it in restaurants in Atlanta and Winter Haven for Spring Training.  I have used it in my restaurant on Mackinac Island for years.”

~ Ron, Mackinac Island, MI

“My wife and I live on the East Coast.  A few years back we went to see the Browns play the Eagles in Philadelphia.  We brought our bottle of Stadium Mustard to the Vet, having no interest in the watery yellow stuff they try to pass off as mustard.  We were the envy of those around us.  And it wasn’t just because the Browns beat the pants off the Eagles that day.  We can honestly say that we’ve had the best hot dogs ever served at the Vet.”

~ S & B in Philly

“I am from Florida, and I had my first taste of your beautiful mustard at a Cleveland Indians spring training game some years ago, and I LOVED IT.”

~ Big Stadium Mustard Fan

“I recently had a friend give a 16 oz. bottle of Stadium Mustard to me as a gift.  I was really impressed and my family ate the whole bottle in less than a week.”

~ Ken

“Thought you would like the funny experience I had with Stadium Mustard.  I grew up outside of Cleveland and went to many ball games at Municipal Stadium, but I never liked mustard, so i never tried it.  Years later my job moved me to Louisville, KY, where I met two wonderful friends, Alex and Michelle.  One night while the lovely Michelle made dinner for me and my wife, Alex asked if I ever tried Stadium Mustard.  I told him about my silly childhood dislike for mustard, and he asked me to try this one. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Hundreds of plain hotdogs at the Indians games wasted not knowing how they could really taste.  It’s amazing that I have to travel 350 miles and run into a little fate to discover what was under my nose for years.  Thanks for a terrific taste!”

~ D. D., Kentucky

“I turned my coworkers at GE MARQUETTE MEDICAL SYSTEMS on to Stadium Mustard, and they went wild.  Now we have Willie’s Hot Dog Days frequently and go through tons of dogs and mustard in a day.  Thanks for the memories.”

~ Willie

“The reason that I felt compelled to write you this letter is because Stadium Mustard changed my life, along with many other people who enjoy its incredible taste.  Like the Grateful Dead, it has a huge following, which is growing in leaps and bounds every day.  It has brought happiness and joy to the many people who have experienced its delicious flavor.  Stadium Mustard is like no other mustard.  Rather, it is the pinnacle of all mustards – no, no of all condiments!  It is not a mustard for hot dogs alone.  Stadium Mustard is a delicacy – a food fit for royalty.  I cannot live without Stadium Mustard.  I eat it everyday; it is part of my existence.  I am forever grateful to you. Thanks for everything.”

~ J. A., Ohio

“Recently I had the opportunity to try your Authentic Stadium Mustard, which had been given to me by a co-worker sent to them by a relative in Ohio.  I was greatly impressed with the flavoring of this mustard.  I really would be interested in any information you can send me that would allow me to receive this product in Connecticut.  I think your Stadium Mustard is the best mustard I’ve ever had.”

~ D. K., Connecticut

“I’ve got to get some of that Stadium Mustard!  So pleased was I after tasting a bit of it on a Northwest Airlines flight that I kept the packet to inquire about how I might be able to purchase some!  I’ve never seen your mustard around these parts, but am willing to special order some if you can accommodate me.  In my 41 years of life, I’ve never tasted such a wonderful mustard!”

~ D. S., Minnesota

“When we were visiting in Cleveland last year, we stocked up on a few grocery items for our motor home.  My wife picked up a jar of Stadium Mustard.  I was less than thrilled, mustard being one condiment I can live without.  Well, I was wrong.  This is absolutely the best mustard I’ve ever used.  Gad, Sir, when you open the jar you can hear the crrraaacckk of the bat against the ball and hear the crowds roar I have become a fan of Stadium Mustard, no pun intended.  My aunt lived in Cleveland at the time of our visit, and after our return to Texas, we prevailed upon her to visit a local grocery and ship us a dozen jars which I shared with some choice friends.  Alas, dear auntie moved to Florida, thus drying up our Cleveland Connection for this ambrosia.  My friends are clamoring for more of that good stuff, and so am I.  Would you consider shipping me a case of it?  Not for a motive as base as money, but more as gesture of pity to a poor, pitiful Texan with a hankerin’ for the best dang mustard in the world.  Charge me what you will, I’ll pay the ransom.  Thank you for your kind attention to this.  I shall eagerly await your answer, a dry hot dog in one hand and a checkbook in the other.”

~ E. E., Texas

“Congratulations!  At the end of the baseball season I noticed that, at long last, the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis now carries Stadium Mustard.  The Dome may be one of the worst places to watch a professional baseball game, but now, at least, they have Stadium Mustard.  I grew up in Cleveland, and moved out here to Minneapolis. I tell my friends about the mustard that is synonymous with Cleveland Stadium to me.  Thank you for producing it. Every time I am back in Cleveland, I buy a jar to last until the next return trip.  Having Stadium Mustard at the Metrodome makes me feel just a bit more like being back home in Ohio. ”

~ M. M., Minnesota

“You will remember our phone conversation about a 12 jar case.  Enclosed is a money order for 6 cases of your 9 oz. jars of Stadium Mustard.  This may interest you: I’m 67 and am somewhere near the terminal stage of emphysema.  I’m hoping to run out of your mustard before I run out of life.  Be sure of this though – your Stadium Mustard will brighten more than just my palate.”

~ R. N., Michigan

“I am writing to compliment you highly on your delicious Stadium Mustard.  My husband and I find it the best mustard on the market.  We use it for hot dogs, all kinds of sandwiches, cooking, potato salad, baked beans, dips and pretzels – anything you can use mustard on!  About a year ago we bought about 5 jars of it in the Pittsburgh area.  We have not been able to find it ever since.  We look in all the stores. can you please send us some names of stores in the Pittsburgh area that handle this product?  If no stores in Pittsburgh carry it, could you tell us about Ohio?  We really enjoy your mustard and we have found no other we enjoy as much.  We have friends that feel the same way, and when we get the information from your company, they want it passed on to them.  Thank you!”

~ Mrs. M. P., Pennsylvania

“Please take pity on a woman who is on her last bottle of Stadium Mustard!  My five years in Cleveland gave me an addiction to the flats, the sight of Terminal Tower, the Cleveland Indians, and Stadium Mustard.  Frankly, I now am nearly able to live without these amenities… all except the mustard! Since moving east, I have satisfied my craving by picking up jars on occasional trips back to my adopted home, but now I’ve run out of excuses to take trips to Cleveland.  Needless to say, I will soon be unable to eat a hot dog with any desire or relish, for what is a hot dog other than a vehicle for the mustard?  I am anxious to introduce my friends to your delicacy, too.  They have heard me, at length, sing the praises of Stadium Mustard and need only one taste, I think, to be converted!  Seriously, every word of this is true, and I hope that there is some way I can purchase from you several jars of mustard.  It is honestly the only brand that I like, and I would like the security of knowing that there is more than half a jar in reserve.  I hungrily await your response!”

~ P. S., New York

“As a Clevelander, I became ‘addicted’ to your Stadium Mustard, and now find myself in Southwest Florida, eating my hotdogs with very poor substitutes for the real thing!  Is it possible to find your product anywhere in the Fort Myers area?  If not, could I possibly order a case of your mustard?  Thanks!”

~ D. S., Florida

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