A History of Cleveland’s
Famous Authentic STADIUM MUSTARD

1969 - 6oz glass jar
1969 – 6oz glass jar
1982 - 9oz glass jar
1982 – 9oz glass jar
1999 - 9oz Squeeze Bottle
1999 – 9oz Squeeze Bottle

In 2006 Founder David Dwoskin ( 1942- June 2019 ) did an Interview on a local Morning show ( Called ” Golden Opportunities”) , We hope you enjoy this short interview:

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“When I was only twelve years old, my father took me to the Cleveland Municipal Stadium for the first time.  I don’t remember who was playing, but I do remember biting into my first hot dog with this delicious brown mustard on it.  This was part of growing up in Cleveland. For decades, this mustard was served at the old Stadium, “a true Cleveland tradition”.  Forty Four years ago I made that same mustard available in supermarkets and gave it a name – The Authentic Stadium Mustard, named after the Cleveland Stadium.

Throughout the years, we have never changed our recipe and never will.  We use only the finest of spices and mustard seed available on earth.  You will NOT find sugar, preservatives, fat, cholesterol, or filler in ANY bottle! ~ Also Gluten and Lactose FREE!

Our STADIUM MUSTARD is available in over 150 stadiums and arenas throughout the country.

~ David Dwoskin, President, Davis Foods Company

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